Fork Covers are designed to protect loads that can be marred, dented, scratched or scuffed by the bare fork blades and backs.

Nylon Heavy Webbing Fork Covers
Made from very heavy nylon or polypropylene cargo webbing , they are long-wearing and tough enough for any job.  As an additional feature black neoprene or white rubber can be sewn on the top surface of the blade.  This option provides additional friction for slippery load surfaces.   These Fork Covers can be made to order for any fork size, any back height and any blade configuration.  .
Nylon and  Heavy Webbing (View Details)

Are made to cover the tops of the fork shanks.  They are designed to prevent sharp cornered fork from damaging super-sacks (Big Bags) during handling operations and are made to order to fit your forks.  They are secured by a seatbelt-type strap under the fork lower hook.  The heavy nylon guarantees the fork will not puncture those big bags of product.
Fork Hats (View Details)

Poly Fork Sleeves  
Are steel tubular fork sleeves designed to cover the steel fork blade with a high-durometer coating of polyurethane.  Thicknesses can be varied as needed.  Use these tough sleeves to protect stainless steel, tubing, wire coils, sheet metal,  fiberglass, painted surfaces, etc.  Anything that can be scratched can be protected by our Poly Fork Sleeves
Polyurethane Sleeves (View Details)
Poly-Coated Extensions & Rubber Tipped Forks (View Details)

Face-Mask Magnetic Poly Fork Protectors
Are made with powerful magnetic backings and 85 Duro Shore polyurethane bonded to the face. These long-lasting pads are designed to keep the carbon steel of the forks away from delicate surfaces.

Face-Mask Magnetic Poly Fork Protectors (View Details) 

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