Face-Mask Magnetic Poly Protection

Face-Mask magnetic poly fork protectors are  made with powerful magnetic backings and 85 Duro Shore polyurethane bonded to the face. 

These long-lasting pads are designed to keep the carbon steel of the forks away from delicate surfaces.

Designed to be installed onto the fork back
Provide a thin profile with very good adhesion and lateral retention
Made to fit any fork size
Installed and removed safely using the provided jack screws

Forks handling stainless, coated and soft materials.  The blade protectors cover the tops and the leading tip of the fork.


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The Face-Mask  product is a poly coated steel plate embedded with several  powerful neodymium magnets. The product is used to attached padded protection to the shank of the fork. There are side tabs and sometimes a top  tab to assist in holding the Face-Mask in position in case of side forces like sideshifting are seen.

These are very powerful magnets, so the Face-Mask is installed with the aid of jack bolts that will keep  the steel plate from injuring the installer’s fingers.

  What we need to know:

  • Fork dimensions L X W X T  for both the blade and, for the shank or back, we need to know the height.

  • Load and Application Description

  • Forklift Make, Model, and some photos of the carriage and forks