Poly Tipped Fork Sleeves

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Similar to Poly Faced Fork Extensions, but with POLY ONLY ON THE TIP, they are open bottom fork sleeves with thick, High Durometer, Very Tough Polyurethane bumper at the tip. 

    -Prevent primary or adjacent load penetration

    -Protect sensitive loads from damage on pallet entry

    - Installation is by forklift entry.  Drive the forks into the rear openings.    
    - Self-locking pins engage behind the fork heels to secure sleeves to the fork. 
    - The steel inner sleeve is built to order to fit the host’s forks closely.  
    - Poly Tip is bolted in place for easy replacement.

    - Sleeve Width / Length and Poly Tip Thickness

    -As a custom fabricated product with a complex curing process, delivery typically           runs 5-7 weeks.


These are blunt tipped sleeves that are made to fit the fork without extending the length. A pad of poly bonded to steel backing is bolted to the blunt tip.  Used for prevention of load penetration and damage to loads behind the load to be lifted.  The forks may be piercing plastic totes, corrugated cartons or products in “bright stack”, goods in process because  the forks are longer than the load being handled. These are retained to the base fork by a locking pin behind the heel. There is a plate across the underside of the sleeve that prevents impacts from dislodging the sleeve upward, securing it to the fork blade. 

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