Sideshifters & Load Backrest Overview

Heavy Duty Side Shifters

FORK-CO's sideshifters use bronze upper bearings for long lasting performance and are resistance to grit, shavings, spills and weather. Available in class II, III and IV and in various widths.  Custom sizes are also available.

Hook-To-Pin models are available on special request.

Manufactured and designed in Alvin, TX by FORK-CO

Heavy Duty Sideshifters (View Details)

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Load Backrest (LBR) for Class II, III and IV Carriages

Standard LBR is side bolted with two bolts per side.
Available to fit any bolting pattern.
Complies with ITSDF B56.1
Bolts are not included
Semi-Gloss black paint
Made from heavy steel bar stock
Optional LBR heights and widths are available

Consult the forklift manufacturer for the rated capacity of the forklift with this attachment installed.  Actual capacity may be less than capacity shown.

Load Backrest (LBR) for Class II, II and IV Carriages (View Details)

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Double Wide Sideshifting Carriages

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What we need to know (for all types of sideshifters):

  • Forklift make, model and capacity.

  • The type and width of the base carriage (truck’s carriage. Tells us where the SS upper hooks must be spaced)

  • Desired width of the sideshifter. (Wide SS on a narrow carriage means reinforcement of the fork bars is required. Additional cost.)

  • Sideshift total distance. 8 inches is standard. Additional SS stroke may not be possible due to the base carriage’s width limitation.

  • Is an LBR required? If so, what height (measured from top of fork blade).

A sideshifter is a hydraulically operated attachment used to move the forks laterally across the carriage. It is used for fork and load alignment, increasing handling efficiency. Nearly all forklifts today are factory built with a sideshift carriage. These are mixed between standard hang-on (separate attachment from the carriage) and “integral”, a built in component of the forklift carriage. We make a hang-on style.

One hydraulic function is required to operate a sideshifter.

For trucks of 2000 LB up through 17,500 LB capacity @ 24” load center:

Our units are made to order in the desired width for the job.

We use an aluminum bronze upper bearing that is also the top hook of the sideshifter mounting. The lower bearing is a plastic block used elsewhere and that we sell as a replacement part for Cascade attachments.  Our sideshifter accepts standard ITA forks.  We can add a load backrest on order.

The term “hook to hook” refers to the sideshifter’s mounting type and the fork bars, or, the forks’ mounting type.  The term reflects that ITA classes are used in both areas. Hook to hook also means the truck’s forks can be used.

Our cylinder is a top-mount with a requirement to weld the stationary anchor bracket to the forklift.

Hook to pin sideshifter:  This term means that the mounting of the sideshifter is hook-type and the fork mounting bar is a pin type.  The common application of these is in lumber yards and building materials yards where loading flatbeds and yard stacking may cause heel drag of the fork. If no pallet is under the stack, the down force of the mast and carriage and drag of the secured hook type fork might damage products. The pin type fork will kick out and lessen the effect of the drag on the lower loads.  

Pin to pin shifter:   As implied, the mounting and the fork bar are pin type.  Tubes connect the sideshifter to the pin type carriage of the forklift.  Pin type forks, often the same forks as were on the truck, are used on the fork bar of the sideshift.  

The mounting tubes of the sideshifter are bushed to prevent gouging the forklift carriage pin. The forks are moved manually and do not require bushings.

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Fork-Co Leads the Pack

With our industry best lead times (4-5 weeks on complex builds), full in-house engineering and design team, on-site manufacturing and fabrication facility just south of Houston, TX, and very large standard product inventory, Fork-Co is the right choice for your project. We stand behind our products 100%, either it accomplishes your goals, or we aren't done.