Rotating Fork Positioner

                  Capacities from 3,500 to 7,500 LB

This attachment is built using our FORK-CO Pallet Fork Clamp as a base.  The differences between clamps and positioners are that positioners use smaller bore cylinders than clamps to reduce the stresses on the arms,  and positioners have a lesser opening range.  Fork positioners are not intended to squeeze and clamp the load.  Pallet fork clamps are for that purpose.

RDD-Series direct drive high torque rotator.
Extruded aluminum frame and polymer bushings.
Alloy steel “T”-bar arm carriers.
360 degree rotating hydraulic distributor with lock valves.
Various fork sizes
Various opening ranges
Hydraulic counterbalance valve to prevent runaway and drifting.

Recommended Operating Pressure: 1500 Psi Max.
Recommended Oil Flow: 6-10 GPM

Capacities Available @ 24 Inch Load Center:

3,500 Lb  Class II With 1.75 X 4 Forks
4,500 Lb  Class II/III With 1.75 X 5 Forks
6,000 Lb  Class III With 2 X 5 Forks
7,000 Lb  Class III With 2 X 6 Forks

Capacities shown are attachment capacities only.  Consult forklift
manufacturer for the actual capacity rating on your forklift.