PANA-VIEW      Panoramic Safety Mirror
180 Degree Visibility Field

PANA-VIEW   Mirror

Gives easy, Unobstructed rear & side view.
Improves safety and eases operator neck strain.
Crescent shape reduces blind spots in the work zones.
“AT-A-GLANCE”  protection for  personnel and vehicle traffic in the back-up & tail-swing  zones

180°  Safety Mirror

Molded, resilient , unbreakable plastic body with a scratch-resistant, unbreakable replaceable reflector.  Easy mount threaded ball & socket locks at selected angle .

Eliminates side mirrors that extend beyond the overhead guard.  Blocks less forward vision than rectangular mirrors.

Improves operating safety for personnel and equipment.  PANA-VIEW installs easily.  Measures 9.75 inches wide and 4.75 inches high.

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