Cranes and Jibs Overview

Crane Jibs and Fork Hooks - Turn your forklift into a crane using fork mounted jib cranes, fork hooks and crane blades.  

These attachments all include the shackle and swivel safety cargo hook. Crane jibs come in long and short versions, both fork mounted.  They are used in stone, plate, building materials, construction and manufacturing operations.  The long jib crane extends from 6 feet to 11 feet and the short jib crane extends from 4 feet to 6 feet.  The Tilt Jib allows both extended reach as well as adding height to the lifting operation.  Two angular positions and the horizontal make this a very adaptable crane jib.  Extension length is adjustable.

Self Clamping Fork Jib

Cam-Locks to the fork blades.  The heavier the load, the higher the clamping force.  No screws or hand levers to turn.

Model CLC 1500 and Model CLC 3000 (View Details)

Fork Crane Hook CH and Crane Blade CBL

Single Fork Crane Hook CH - Model CH1000 (View Details)

Crane Blade CBL - Model CBL2000, CBL3000, CBL4500 (View Details)

Tilt Crane Jib - Crane Booms, Telescopic Extensions

Title Crane Jib Model TJCL45 (View Details)

Crane Jib Short and Long

Medium Duty-Rated Fork Crane Jib

Crane Jib "Short" Model FJCS45 (View Details)

Crane Jib "Long" Model FJCL45 (View Details)

Crane Jib Fixed and Telescoping

Heavy duty crane jib designed for continuous operation and to extend the flexibility of your forklift.  Excellent for lifting stone.

Fork Mounted Fixed and Telescoping Jibs (View Details)

Crane Hook, High Mount Fork Jib, Quick Attach Truss Jib

Crane Hook Fork Mount

A heavy duty, high capacity lifting hook and frame assembly custom designed for the forklift

Crane Hook Fork Mount (View Details)

High Mount Fork Jib


High Mount Fork Jib (View Details)

Quick Attach Truss Jib

Designed for quick install and removal on forklifts, loaders and backhoes.  Various lengths and capacities available up to 12,000 LB at 20 foot length. Coupling specifications required.  Fork-mount also available.

Quick Attach Truss Jib (View Details)

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Fork-Co Leads the Pack

With our industry best lead times (4-5 weeks on complex builds), full in-house engineering and design team, on-site manufacturing and fabrication facility just south of Houston, TX, and very large standard product inventory, Fork-Co is the right choice for your project. We stand behind our products 100%, either it accomplishes your goals, or we aren't done.