FE4-21 2.5x6x83-Rental Pair


Fork-Co: 2-PCS 2.50x6x83 Fork Sleeves Galvanized Finish

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    1 Month
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    1 Month $ 149.52

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    Heavy Duty Fork Extensions - Model FE4-21 - 2.50" x 6" x 83"

    Fork-Co Heavy Duty Fork Extensions  are heavy duty load handlers that can lift non uniform loads with adequate capacity to prevent bending. Heavy Duty Fork Extensions are installed on the forklift by driving into the Sleeve and inserting a lock pin behind the fork heel.  They are secured to the fork by locking pins. Tips are tapered to assist entry. Heavy Fork Extensions are often an economical alternative to extra long fork blades.  The forklift can be used for general cargo as well as cumbersome, hard to handle products  by installing and removing the Heavy Duty Fork Extensions.

    Need something more economical?    Standard Fork Extensions                   Still not big enough for your application?  Extreme Duty Fork Extensions    

    Other Common Sizes:
    Model Number
    Fork Width (Max)
    Fork Thickness (Max)
    Weight (Pair)
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    FE4-1663" (63 Inches)6.00" (6 Inches)2.50" (2.5 Inches)245 lbsClick here to Buy Now
    72" (72 Inches)6.00" (6 Inches)
    2.50" (2.5 Inches)
    293 lbsClick here to Buy Now
    84" (84 Inches)6.00" (6 Inches)
    2.50" (2.5 Inches)
    341 lbsClick here to Buy Now
    96" (96 Inches)6.00" (6 Inches)
    2.50" (2.5 Inches)
    390 lbsClick here to Buy Now
    120" (120 Inches)6.00" (6 Inches)
    2.50" (2.5 Inches)
    486 lbsClick here to Buy Now

    Model Series
    Capacity @ 24" LC
    Capacity @ 48" LC
    Capacity @ 60" LC
    Capacity @ 72" LC
    Capacity @ 96" LC
    FE4-Series9370 lbs (Each Fork)4685 lbs (Each Fork)
    3748 lbs (Each Fork)
    3072 lbs (Each Fork)
    2304 lbs (Each Fork)